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"The leading economic indicators began to lose a little momentum before the hurricanes and flooding. Domestically, business investment appeared to be headed toward a moderate pace in the third quarter."
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"Both investment and hiring intentions reflect a level of caution over both pricing and profit strategies."
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"The coincident economic indicators have been rising moderately but steadily in recent months, suggesting the economy is sustaining a relatively moderate pace."
"Iowa is the center of the advertising storm. This is where it's going on."
"The labor market indicators reflect a loss of economic momentum, even eliminating the impact of the storms and flooding."
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"Given that we're at least a couple of months away from turnaround in the labor market, the fact that consumer confidence is not doing much worse than treading water is actually a good-news story."
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"Some of the department store sales don't make sense to me,"
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"The recovery in the leading index could indicate that the economy is poised for growth by late summer. There appears to be enough economic demand to end the slide in industrial production, though no strong rebound appears in sight."
"The labor market picture remains cloudy."
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"The Leading Economic Index suggests that this period of slower growth will probably continue for the next few months."
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"The labor market may finally be hitting bottom. While layoffs remain large, they are no longer intensifying. Job advertising volume has stopped declining, although it remains at very low levels."
"The economy is growing now, but not as fast as it did last year before the hurricanes."
"The indicators may be signaling a spurt of growth ahead, perhaps in the spring, which could be followed by a slower pace of activity later in 2006."
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"There are a lot of factors here, but more than anything else, we haven't had a full jobs recovery, and the consumer is waiting for that. These numbers reflect they're kind of running out of patience."
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"Part of the real story here is that, through July, producers were still getting more output, with fewer labor hours put in. Productivity in the third quarter is probably going to be stronger than in the second quarter, confirming the idea that, while the stock market's not in good shape, the overall economy's not that bad."
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"This could be a signal that the economy will continue to expand this spring before slowing later in the year."
"With slower hiring, and indications that hiring might remain soft in the months ahead, the economy could struggle, setting up a self-fulfilling prophecy."
"Essentially the story is we have got moderate growth through the first quarter. We may tick up in the second quarter and we may tick down in the third quarter. Growth is going to be a little slower second half of the year."
Author: Goldstein Quotes Category: Growth Quotes
"The labor market picture remains a bit cloudy. There are some bright spots where the job market may be picking up, but it's by no means a clear picture."
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"The labor market remains on a high plateau that has prevailed in the last year and a half."
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