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Peter Clark Quotes

8 Peter Clark quotes:

"There is a greater emphasis on advertising and a greater interest in media events over which the candidates have the most control of the message,"
Author: Clark Quotes Category: Advertising Quotes
"I don't think there's a lot of future for the islands in that middle Pacific area like Nauru and Kiribati because there is just no way an operator will continue a service into there they are very low yield routes."
Author: Clark Quotes Category: Future Quotes
"It's become clear that the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, much of which sits on land that's actually below sea level, is one of the most vulnerable in the world to these types of rapid breakdowns."
Author: Clark Quotes Category: Land Quotes
"In the case of drawback, the rules are clear, and no monies are paid until a claim is approved. In the case of the duties relief program, the terms are clearly set out in regulations. CBSA does not impose penalties against companies who act in good faith on CBSA advice."
Author: Clark Quotes Category: Rules Quotes
"Substantial improvement in access to foreign markets was a main promise of the Uruguay Round Agreements. Canada has been very assiduous about living up to its WTO obligations. It has reduced subsidies - indeed; Canada did so faster than required, in part to reduce budget deficits, and in part because Canada always respects its international obligations. However, in general, farmers were not able to export much more of their products after the last round."
Author: Clark Quotes Category: Canada Quotes
"Our new analysis of the ancient Scandinavian Ice Sheet, like other studies, is showing how these events unfolded in the past, which will help us better understand what the future will hold."
Author: Clark Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"The key is to have a vision,"
Author: Clark Quotes Category: Vision Quotes
"I am the decision-maker on this project. I have had no attempt from the outside to influence my decision."
Author: Clark Quotes Category: Decisions Quotes

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