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22 Howard Davidowitz quotes:

"I had a conversation with Terry this morning and I told him that I don't support a decision to make a huge investment in another department store when many more consumers are shopping at off-mall retailers such as Wal-Mart, Target, Costco and Kohl's,"
"I think the real story last month was that in spite of higher interest rates, exploding energy costs and debt levels, the American consumer rolls on."
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"Specialty apparel is a very fast-moving business. It's also a fickle business of fashion and creativity where the winners are those retailers who can constantly reinvent themselves and their products."
"Tommy Hilfiger supplies its clothes to department stores and we all know that that's the weakest channel in retail in terms of sales,"
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"The business is getting smaller -- the advertising, the TV, the magazine -- everything is going down. This company is not going to go away tomorrow. However, the losses are getting scary."
"If you look at Helen of Troy's customer base, sales are generally strong. Wal-Mart sales are up, Target sales are up,"
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"I think there are major risks in sales and margins when you're a middleman. More and more companies are buying direct and don't see a need for Helen of Troy. Their brands are not that powerful, ... This doesn't mean it can't bounce back. They have to be shrewd and quick to right the ship."
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"Furniture doesn't typically spell romance. A sporting goods store is another off-beat destination. I mean, what would you get? A paddle, a tennis racquet?"
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"I think its a brilliant strategy. Make small improvements that will boost sales even 4 to 5 percent over the next few years and that could lead to a dramatic turnaround for the company,"
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"Here they are with similar size stores to Bed, Bath & Beyond. They're in similar kinds of locations. And they're in similar kinds of demographics,"
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"If you've got one name, Macy's, you can save a tremendous amount of money in supplies, marketing cost, advertising umbrella, promotions. You enhance your margin because you're buying more. It's just a fantastic way to do things,"
"Food companies need to listen to the whispers before they become roars. If they're not careful, certain types of food could be legislated off the shelf."
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"We've been in a complicated marriage with the French for over 50 years now, and we'll be married to them forever,"
"Bon-Ton is one of the weakest players in a very weak sector. It is increasing its risk profile tremendously by taking on debt. How does this all hang together?"
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"Wal-Mart over the last five years has been able to grow its same-store sales at 6 to 7 percent. Now that growth has dwindled to 2 or 3 percent. I call this a gigantic change."
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"The problem at Linens 'n Things is execution."
"For me, the big question is what is Wal-Mart going to do to improve sales,"
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"Also, most big retail chains placed their Christmas orders months ago and the Christmas inventory was already in the pipeline before (the) SARS (outbreak),"
"Stuckey's strategy would be to take a plain low-priced product like jeans and embellish it with design. Suddenly it becomes a 'fashion' jeans and appeals to a new ethnic audience. It's the same strategy with 7,"
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"Barneys is much edgier, much more fashion-forward, and much younger than Saks."
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