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David Jernigan Quotes

5 David Jernigan quotes:

"The more alcohol advertising kids are exposed to, the more likely they are to drink, and drink heavily. We have stronger and stronger research showing there is a link to advertising."
"The industry can do a better job at protecting kids from these ads. Kids are not even a legal audience for this industry. If kids are more likely to see the ads than adults are, then the industry is wasting a lot of money. In addition, they are putting kids at higher risk than they need to be."
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"People expect teenage boys to drink. They have not historically expected girls to. Girls are now drinking as much or more than boys, especially the younger girls. They are drinking liquor. The boys are still drinking beer."
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"This is the most solid piece of research evidence to come forth to date linking exposure to alcohol advertising and increased youth drinking."
"This change would leave 79 percent of television programming available for alcohol advertising and would reduce youth exposure to alcohol advertising by 20 percent."

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