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"H&R Block is a company that has been advertising itself quite consistently as being in your corner. I think it is fair to say that they have not been in your corner but have been putting customers in the corner instead."
"It's about making sure retail investors get a fair shake, ... The one thing they deserve is honest advice and fair dealing."
"[Nicholas Graham, a spokesman for America Online, said in a statement via e-mail that the company was] pleased to have reached agreement ... assist with the verification of certain member intentions online."
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"State law specifically prohibits possession of stun guns and related weapons, ... This agreement will help ensure that the Internet is not used to facilitate illegal activity."
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"This agreement helps ensure that AOL will strive to keep its customers through quality service, not stealth retention programs,"
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"With this agreement, virtually the entire mutual fund industry has now sworn off improper trading practices and agreed to compensate investors who were harmed,"
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"Today's agreement between Putnam and the SEC provides some preliminary measures to address certain of the issues raised in the actions filed against Putnam. However, these measures represent only a starting point for needed industry reforms in fund governance and oversight and do not address crucial issues involving restitution to fund holders, fines and penalties,"
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"Federated worked with regulators to address problems with improper trading, ... With this agreement, virtually the entire mutual fund industry has now sworn off improper trading practices and agreed to compensate investors who were harmed."
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"The agreement we have today is the first of its kind, ... We think this is an agreement that can be a template for others to use."
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"Mutual funds, who have a fiduciary duty to shareholders, who have made the representation that they will do what's reasonable to stop these trades, and then they take payments for allowing these trades to take place -- they're in deep trouble,"
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"There has been a decline in ethics and we've got to turn it around,"
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"I stand before you today because this vision of government as the engine of opportunity is what I believe in."
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"We were hoping to initiate a conversation with them that would lead to an agreed-upon schedule,"
"As a citizen, and as the state's lawyer, I believe in an evolving Constitution. A flexible Constitution leaves room for us to consider not merely how the world once was, but how it ought to be."
"The only delay, ... is that when you are dealing with 50 states, 12 investment banks, a significant number of regulatory entities, simply getting sign-offs, drafting agreements on stray words takes a bit of time."
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"The Toxics Release Inventory has been extremely successful in raising public awareness about chemical hazards in communities from coast to coast. Public disclosure has proven to be a strong incentive for polluters to reduce their use of toxic chemicals."
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"What we demand is integrity and honesty of the research that is rendered,"
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"It's fascinating to me: when it comes to innovation in policy, it all comes from the states, ... It reflects an abject failure of policy (at the national level) in terms of dealing with energy, the environment or the securities industry. And into that void, the states have stepped."
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"I certainly think that there's a very serious question about the economic viability of the Freedom Tower. The prospect that the Freedom Tower would be built and would sit there vacant as essentially a white elephant that would sap the entire cash available to build the other buildings, is something that is very problematic."
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"Every time we keep a child from smoking, we improve public health."
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