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"Where was the bloody advertising for Wife Swap as it seemed to be quite accidental that me and the wife ended up watching it?"
"Somewhere along the way, maybe at Jamestown, America decided the sales figures were going to matter more than the product."
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"All eyes are on her right now."
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"I thought my eyes were messing with me, so I looked again. She breathed. It was almost disbelief that she was still alive."
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"China, as an example, in 2004 graduated 350,000 engineers and computer science-type people. The United States was under 140,000 and that separation continues."
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"It will be difficult because you have a lot of history behind all of these things and a culture of government has grown up, and so changing that _ not only in the minds of local officials but in the minds of the electorate as well _ is a long-term task."
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"I know what it is to pinch a penny. You have to set a budget and stick to it."
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"I mean, if they can put on a show here and there and draw well, I can see some benefit. But in the end, they might end up losing more than they gain."
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"This combination benefits Champ Car not only by providing a strong package for our current teams, but also by giving prospective teams an opportunity to be competitive right away."
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"Pieces of gold -- that's what we call the Longfellow game (already captured this year over city rival Central), the holiday tourney, the conference and the state tournament -- and that's what we're playing to get. We do talk about those four pieces of gold."
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"The IRS position is that these folks have to include all $75 in income. (However) a lot of people 65 and over won't have to file income tax returns at all."
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"I am extremely excited to join the Champ Car team as President. I have been amazed at the progress the series has made over the last twelve months and look forward to continuing the momentum and successes long into the future. Champ Car has a great vision as well as committed teams, owners, sponsors and promoters. Open wheel racing has work to do and Champ Car is getting it done."
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"For 18 years I've dreamed about winning this race, and about being in the Winner's Circle, and I got 50 percent of it. But I got the most important 50 percent,"
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"The Department or Corrections or Housing, Building and Construction, one of them had a responsibility to make sure the plans met specifications,"
"The trails travel through Colorado's natural treasures like Rocky Mountain National Park and the Great Sand Dunes. They roam quietly with vagabond creeks, saunter through pageants of wildflowers, and soar with high mountain summits."
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"Everyone agrees that the test procedures and our calculations are outdated. We've got 20 years of new technology, 20 years of experience, 20 years of new driving conditions,"
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"Our idea of success is not having someone sit on a metal stand for four hours getting sunburned."
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"The Champ Car Atlantic Championship is much more than just a support series - it is a very competitive major open-wheel proving ground that helps build and develop the future stars and champions of Champ Car. We're proud of the tradition of Atlantics and we welcome in the future of the series at this unprecedented event in the rich history of the Atlantic Championship."
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"Basically, it's the tourist trade that interests China,"
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"The fall prime-time television lineup always looks so fastidious and ordered, laid out in a neat little grid like some periodic table of the situations."
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