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"One of Midway's core in-game advertising strategies is to infuse our games with cultural context through the integration of static in-game product placements. We believe static promotions in conjunction with dynamic advertising will represent an attractive revenue opportunity for Midway. Sarah is arguably one of our industry's most experienced professionals in this emerging field, and we anticipate that she will manage the process for static ads as well as dynamic in-game ads with Double Fusion in an effort to maximize incremental revenue from our top titles."
"Ninety percent of Midway's customers are 18- to 35-year-old males."
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"Along with our strategy to create immersive, engaging content, we believe that the technology to allow for dynamic, in-game advertising will add a sense of cultural relevance and context for the mass-market audience."
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"In 2006, Midway will begin our strong support of the PSP handheld market by bringing some of our top franchises to the system."
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