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"With switched video or broadcast, we now understand how to overcome issues. And it's all about enhancing around the advertising model. We're changing the model of the broadcast channel."
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"[? About 80 percent of the university's enrollment comes from within Georgia.] We've sort of had a handshake agreement with the Legislature we'd stay around 80 percent, ... When you're denying admission as we did this year to 7,000 Georgians, you have to be sensitive to how many out-of-state students you have."
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"Josef Ackermann's personal integrity is not in question. He didn't see the red line that some courts have seen. But it's a squishy concept."
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"The university is very concerned by this disturbance and any injury to students, ... We will reevaluate the security procedures for this type of event and make every effort to assure that it will not happen again."
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