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Bob Lutz Quotes

9 Bob Lutz quotes:

"If Toyota had spent $300 million on corporate advertising campaign, it would have nowhere near the same effect."
Author: Lutz Quotes Category: Advertising Quotes
"You can't just drop a brand - it costs a fortune, costs of terminating dealer contracts etc.."
Author: Lutz Quotes Category: Fortune Quotes
"The choice is no longer between keeping the same job or keeping the same job at a lower wage, ... The choice is now keeping the same job at less compensation or having no jobs at all in this country."
Author: Lutz Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"When the game's on the line, that cat (Lewis) makes big plays. That's the strength of us, Murphy and Lewis. We finally got a little room and broke some tackles."
Author: Lutz Quotes Category: Football Quotes
"Their fullback runs hard and their quarterback is a good athlete with a nice arm. They have some good kids at the skilled positions and a lot of size up front to go with them."
Author: Lutz Quotes Category: Athletics Quotes Fullback Quotes
"That quarterback is pretty darned good. He's strong. He can play. He's an athlete."
Author: Lutz Quotes Category: Athletics Quotes
"While I was at Chrysler, he has never expressed an interest in looking at the cars,"
Author: Lutz Quotes Category: Cars Quotes
"In Canada, I know we gave Pontiac dealers the Pursuit, but I don't agree with that. Pontiac is supposed to be above Chevrolet, and then Buick is supposed to be just under Cadillac."
Author: Lutz Quotes Category: Canada Quotes
"He's a heck of an athlete and he's got excellent speed. He's dangerous in the open field."
Author: Lutz Quotes Category: Athletics Quotes

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