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"This shelter is 1,000 times nicer than our old place, ... We started moving our dogs in Aug. 7."
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"We had a couple glitches in the beginning with the machines. But there were no major problems. I think the only major issue was intimidation with the machines. Some people tried to make it harder than it was."
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"The two other parts [Moore] played from the '50s are so different from Evelyn Ryan. The character she played in The Hours was a woman who fled the oppression of her home. Evelyn Ryan stayed. She chose to brave it out, because she was determined to make sure every one of those 10 kids of hers made it out of that house intact. It's heroic."
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"It's a bit of a trade-off. It's exciting to see the new ruins and get that information, but at the same time, fire can destroy these sites."
"We all make Madison Avenue to be the big, bad wolf, but Evelyn and those women who had inner lives were not manipulated by the advertisers."
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