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Bruce Cain Quotes

8 Bruce Cain quotes:

"In public esteem, the judges are the most highly rated of the three branches of government."
Author: Cain Quotes Category: Government Quotes
"This was supposed to become a consumer-oriented office. For him to take money from the insurance industry is risky because people expect that position not to be in their pocket."
Author: Cain Quotes Category: Money Quotes
"To some degree, ... this election is a referendum on what people think about Arnold's concept of reform."
Author: Cain Quotes Category: People Quotes
"First is the price tag - it's huge, and the financing details are fairly complex. People are going to want to know how realistic is it that you are going to get this money."
Author: Cain Quotes Category: People Quotes
"Arnold, or someone, has to sit through all this advice and sort out a coherent plan. One thing we haven't seen in the Schwarzenegger administration is coherence."
Author: Cain Quotes Category: Advice Quotes
"It doesn't hurt for him to have a fight with Bush at this point, which would then differentiate him from Bush when this election hinges on how many Democrats and independents he can get in his corner,"
Author: Cain Quotes Category: Hurt Quotes
"Some money is dangerous to take."
Author: Cain Quotes Category: Money Quotes
"I think they may be playing it for all it's worth. If he's trying to get back on a bipartisan track, what better way than to pick a fight with the president?"
Author: Cain Quotes Category: Trying Quotes

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