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"The advice I would have is to look at the performance of the team. I understand their questions. I understand their disappointment. The committee is equally devastated when we know there are excellent teams that won't have an opportunity to play."
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"They have done a great job of trying to schedule throughout the country against teams from many other conferences. As much as anything, they've had a high level of coaching and play ... that in the minds of many has elevated their profile this year."
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"We know we are going to face some unusual challenges this year and specifically because of conference realignments. It seems we have some gridlock at the top or in the middle of conferences. And because there has been some imbalanced conference scheduling, it means some teams might not have played the same schedules."
"We all have different challenges, based on our schools, the location of our arena and our team's success. Everyone bases their strategy on the dynamics that exist for their particular team."
"The message is that there is great basketball played all around the county."
"This is about a good basketball team that went largely unnoticed throughout the year."
"If there's a message, the larger schools, the larger conferences, really do have a choice on who they play in non-conference."
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"We go into Sunday many times looking at contingencies for those sorts of circumstances. And I don't anticipate anything different this time around."
"We took more time looking at those schools, looking at their schedules and watching their games."
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"I think the other side of that is, it's not always the best thing when friends are working together. There could be the tendency for objectivity to be lost in that sort of situation. When people have worked together in a past life and then get back together under different circumstances, it doesn't always work out."
"Air Force provided us with some unique things."
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"His situation seemed to be more nebulous -- based on the information we received from the institution."
"Our first hope was that he would return to full health, and yes, to his team, too. At the end, we felt like this was a good basketball team even without him, and he probably makes them a great team. So we felt they warranted a No. 1 seed."
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"They are certainly free to have those opinions and express those opinions. But to look at this in terms of the partnership, you would hope there would be a little better understanding of what it is that we do and an accurate reflection of the facts as they know them to be. Facts, instead of opinions, would be helpful."
"We did talk about it a great deal. We spent some time with the school and the Big East conference considering whether he would be available. He's a key good player and this is a good team."
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"Florida State certainly had an outstanding year. When we looked at the full work that they did in comparison to a pool of other people at the point that we were considering these schools, the decision was made to go in a different direction."
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