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30 Mary Landrieu quotes:

"in some second-class fashion."
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"While we want help from Washington and we respect advice and counsel from Washington, ... our message is please respect the wishes and views of local businesses, regional businesses, local elected officials and state officials as we do this together."
Author: Landrieu Quotes Category: Advice Quotes
"While investment in education without accountability is a waste of resources, demanding accountability without making investments is a waste of time, ... We believe the president's call for education reform will be an empty promise if we can't also find common ground on education investment."
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"Thousands are dead and only God knows how many, ... I've seen more in the last two weeks than I've seen in my entire lifetime, and I hope to never witness it again."
Author: Landrieu Quotes Category: God Quotes
"Substantive future investments from our federal government must be rooted in the principles of accountability and a clear strategy for building a New South: a New South that is stronger, better, and full of economic opportunities for all citizens."
Author: Landrieu Quotes Category: Future Quotes
"You're entitled to better than you're getting from the federal government,"
"Small businesses are the engine of our economic growth. This was true before Katrina, and it remains true as our small businesses move our economy forward as we rebuild from the greatest natural disaster in U.S. history, ... Since Hurricane Katrina first hit our shores, 53,900 businesses have asked for Washington's help, but so far only 58 of theses businesses have received any assistance. Washington has promised real help for the people of the Gulf Coast -- it is time to stop making promises and to start fulfilling them."
Author: Landrieu Quotes Category: Growth Quotes
"Science will tell us what we need to do."
Author: Landrieu Quotes Category: Science Quotes
"The truth will speak for itself."
Author: Landrieu Quotes Category: Truth Quotes
"we do have a democracy and a citizenship that has elected mayors, county commissioners and governors, particularly. I'm not sure the governors association or all the mayors in America would be willing to sort of step aside."
"This unprecedented national disaster requires an unprecedented national response,"
Author: Landrieu Quotes Category: Disaster Quotes
"I have no hesitation to use force. I believe the threat is real,"
Author: Landrieu Quotes Category: Force Quotes
"It is my intention to have this contract reinstated and that whoever is responsible apologizes to these workers,"
Author: Landrieu Quotes Category: Intention Quotes
"She would be very high in my book,"
"It's not a focus but a foundation, ... We've gotten criticism from people who don't understand how critical the situation is in south Louisiana and don't understand how important south Louisiana is to the rest of the nation."
"I'm asking Congress, please don't send any more money to FEMA,"
Author: Landrieu Quotes Category: Congress Quotes
"The president's statement indicates a failure to appreciate the burdens borne by the people of Louisiana and other coastal oil-and-gas-producing states,"
Author: Landrieu Quotes Category: Failure Quotes
"Kathleen Blanco was the most experienced and the most qualified, ... The first woman governor to represent our state."
Author: Landrieu Quotes Category: Women Quotes
"The communication systems throughout the entire Gulf Coast are severely compromised."
"Many members of Congress are very displeased with this very slow pace, ... The new rules are purposely drafted to close loopholes that currently exist."
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