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7 Glen Davis quotes:

"He gave advice to not follow in his footsteps. He had a lot to do with me making my decision."
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"I feel real light, mobile and agile. I feel I can run longer. My endurance is up."
"The road to the Final Four was a great experience, and I grew up tremendously experiencing that environment and the people I met. As a team we shared the feeling of being there, and playing that last game was a terrible taste in your mouth that you would never forget. Losing like that in that way is going to affect you, and me being the guy that I am - a competitor - you always want to leave out on top. That altered my decision a lot. Because not only do I want to be the best player, but I also want to win. Being there and not winning was a disappointment, and that made me want to come to back."
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"I was analyzing the guys' nonverbal communication. I learned that in sociology. When I see that, when I see fatigue, some negative things, you've got to go straight at them."
"I never saw this type of game coming, especially (with) the kind of team we are, the kind of character we have. They came out and they just punched us. We didn't recover from it."
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"My heart is on the court,"
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"He's relentless on the boards and he has a high level of potential."
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