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"We have a lot of built-up emotions for this game because we haven't beaten Georgia since we've been here. It has eaten at us a lot. Football is about respect. You can win 10 games a year, but if you don't beat your in-state rival, it doesn't mean much in terms of respect."
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"As long as we [get the victory], I really can't complain. We would like to put them away and not have to come down to the wire like that. But as long as we make plays and get off the field when it counts, you can't complain too much."
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"When it came down to the wire, just like Cox last week, we were able to force [Baker] to make some mistakes."
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"We've had trouble going out and beating a team we should beat. This is where we have to stop the trend that we've had in the past few years."
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"He wants the linebackers to control the defense. He demands that. Any advice he has, I'm going to do my best to put it into use."
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"For a while there we were giving up too many short passes and they started to get into a flow. Toward the end, we got a lot of turnovers — that's what saved us."
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"It's hard to say whether that helped or hurt my draft situation. Some people say I don't have one solid position, but then again, some say I'm more versatile."
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