David Rubin Quotes

5 David Rubin quotes:

"enlightening. I really started looking at birds in a different way, [for example, considering] the issue of space from the perspective of a bird -- projectile, trajectory."
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"Why not make it (the law) specific so the rules are clear and victims have some comfort level going in?"
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"Because the risk for developing colorectal cancer increases beginning about eight to ten years after the onset of IBD, even if the disease is in remission, it is imperative people seek screenings more frequently, approximately every one to two years. Regular examinations allow for early detection and vital treatment for colorectal cancer -- a curable disease if caught early."
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"The beauty of this building is that the structure is already here. The condition of this is superb compared to when we started Lake Mirror Towers."
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"To shield a client with 'On the advice of counsel,' we object in the strongest terms,"

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