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"It was a mistake, and this study really confirms that it was the wrong direction to go for nutritional advice. It did do harm. It was a lost opportunity. People were given the idea that it was only fat calories that counted. This should be the nail in the coffin for low-fat diets."
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"It would be a huge misinterpretation to believe that it doesn't matter what we eat to prevent heart disease and cancer."
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"Treatment doesn't bring back the risk to that of someone without hypertension, ... High blood pressure raises the risk threefold and treatment reduces it by 25 percent."
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"Even if you do see a small benefit for, say, breast cancer, you couldn't be sure it was due to fat and not due to the fact that the women also increased their fruit and vegetable intake and there was also a small weight loss. I think it's clear this study was a mistake."
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"[The experts are at odds with each other over some aspects of weight control. When the U.S. Department of Agriculture released their new food pyramid in April, many critics cheered that, at last, better guidance was being given to consumers on making healthy food choices. Yet even the new pyramid which makes more recommendations about quantities of food, exercise, and allows for individual differencesamong other thingshas also been criticized as insufficient.] It's clear that we need to rebuild the pyramid from the ground up, ... not just tip it on its side and dress it up with new colors."
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