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Jennifer Smith Quotes

7 Jennifer Smith quotes:

"We're happy with the program with NationsRent."
Author: Smith Quotes Category: Happiness Quotes
"I'm sure that folks are noticing the progress being made on the new Lowe's for Framingham. We anticipate that the exterior work and road improvements will be completed by summer, and then we'll work on finishing out the inside of the building."
Author: Smith Quotes Category: Progress Quotes
"The downside of that is that that's $500 more than when we did it two years ago. Same quality hotel, same airline, same time frame."
Author: Smith Quotes Category: Quality Quotes
"This award is an honor for us as founding members of the Midwest Call Center Group. It demonstrates that our program provides the most innovative and efficient care to members of our community."
Author: Smith Quotes Category: Honor Quotes
"Our advice to investors going into this period in time, ... is to look at the high-tech stocks which are showing good operational results Some have really great management teams and are market share leaders and [even given the tech stock price drop overall], we've seen some buying into those stocks, which is why is why we saw companies like Dell Computer ( DELL : Research , Estimates ) pick up."
Author: Smith Quotes Category: Advice Quotes
"Everybody has a cell phone. It's kind of a universal technology."
Author: Smith Quotes Category: Technology Quotes
"It's our goal to be our customers' first choice for home improvement, and we are very pleased that our efforts are reflected positively in this year's customer satisfaction index. These results are consistent with positive feedback we're getting from customers in our own internal research."
Author: Smith Quotes Category: Choice Quotes

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