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"We weren't willing to make a guaranteed five-year offer, that was based on the advice of our doctors, ... Our offer was predicated on the health concern."
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"Obviously, I'm leaving a situation that has turned around and is moving in the right direction,"
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"I view this as a step up. I feel I have more authority, more responsibility, more power with the Orioles. If I thought it was a lateral move, I wouldn't be coming down there."
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"It's one of those unique circumstances. All of our starters are key parts of their respective countries. And I think we're more comfortable on how they are going to be used than we were the last couple days."
"Our pursuit of Kris goes back to November. One of our goals going into the off-season was to acquire another pitcher."
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"They really do have some good young talent, especially in the pitching department,"
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"upper level management position to be determined."
"We've had players with potential before, but not with the work ethic that they have. The thing about these two is that you know that whatever their potential is, they're going to reach it."
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"Obviously, he's coming off a down year, and normally you don't get a player who has his potential for two minor leaguers. In fact, you never do. Our feeling was it was a worthwhile risk for us to take."
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