Ian Macdonald Quotes

5 Ian Macdonald quotes:

"I don't think Barnaby's advice is needed or will be heeded,"
Author: Macdonald Quotes Category: Advice Quotes
"The scientific consensus is that the end of continuous ice in the summer months is within the human horizon 50 years, 70 years, 30 years. In recorded history, we've never had that, so this is a new era. It will have enormous consequences."
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"Gold has broken a major downtrend line today at $378 on the December contract. This was the reason for today's jump."
Author: Macdonald Quotes Category: Gold Quotes
"It is very big. It's become increasingly transnational in its form as our intelligence is discovering."
"We do clearly want to send a message to would-be illegal operators that it is simply not worth your while to come into Australian waters and fish illegally,"
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