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Scott Milburn Quotes

10 Scott Milburn quotes:

"With the 2004 and 2005 fire season having been relatively less active than normal, surplus funds sit in this account and can be rescinded without hurting the program,"
Author: Milburn Quotes Category: Fire Quotes
"The CBO report confirms the dramatic improvement in the 2005 deficit picture that the Administration reported last month, ... A strong economy fueled by tax relief is generating stronger-than-projected revenues."
"Congress presented a bill certified by both chambers. It's been signed into law, and we consider the matter closed."
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"As GAO states in its letter, OMB did not advise agencies to withhold funds and OMB staff specifically instruct agencies not to improperly withhold funding in the case of cancellations."
Author: Milburn Quotes Category: Advice Quotes
"If there are other ideas that are out there, we want to hear them."
Author: Milburn Quotes Category: Ideas Quotes
"This report confirms the dramatic improvement in the 2005 deficit picture that the administration reported last month, ... The president is committed to the combination of strong economic growth and spending restraint that will keep us on track to cut the deficit in half by 2009."
"The president signed into law a $100 million increase for the corps for the current fiscal year compared to the previous year's level."
Author: Milburn Quotes Category: Law Quotes
"Instead, the president's subsequent budgets have increased funding for all of these programs. The country can meet the goal of cutting the deficit in half and still invest in key programs for vulnerable Americans, and claims to the contrary aren't supported by the facts of recent budget history."
Author: Milburn Quotes Category: Budgets Quotes
"Under the constitution, federal laws take priority over inconsistent state laws. Decisions about whether particular rules should preempt state laws are made agency by agency and rule by rule."
"President Bush is committed to fostering an environment where innovation succeeds and small businesses can flourish."

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