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"Scripps serves as a prime example that it should not be assumed that when a biotech institute expands, they are planning on duplicating the research they are currently conducting at existing facilities."
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"Scripps has lived up to every commitment they have made and it's clear that the onus is now on the county to locate and select a suitable site for their home."
"The governor applauds both ideas. He's been an advocate of putting money back in the pockets of taxpayers."
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"The Gov. fully supports Secretary McDonough and his efforts to make professionalism and integrity a priority within the Department of Corrections."
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"Scripps has not made any indications that they want to do embryonic stem-cell research in Florida. And the governor has said under his watch, there won't be state dollars going to embryonic stem-cell research."
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"It's way too early to say what support if any the governor would give to the proposal."
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"He tends to support policies which would broaden opportunities for voters to register."
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"The plan is not based upon polls. It's based upon rewarding teachers whose students are showing significant learning gains."
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"There's a finite amount of time the governor has during his budget speech, and the budget covers a very large area. He certainly can't mention every program."
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