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20 Kevin Smith quotes:

"Long time no see. I only pray the caliber of your questions has improved."
"He's a leader by example. He's not real verbal but he plays hard. He's always where he is supposed to be. He always does what I ask him to do. And when he does that, the other guys follow him. He knows the team is watching, so he always gives everything his best."
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"The longer version is still an exercise in futility. If you never liked that movie, the longer version won't make you like it any more. But fans want to see everything to be entranced in the world of the movie."
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"We're confident we have the votes to pass this bill, and we believe it should be scheduled as soon as possible."
Author: Smith Quotes Category: Believe Quotes
"We're proud of the boys and competed hard. If we play like we did in the first and fourth quarters, then we'll have a chance tonight."
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"We knew we had a chance to win the tournament, but were the number five seed. The boys did what they were told to do, and we are very proud of them. They deserve the tournament championship."
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"The first game I was really intimidated. I was thinking just defense. This time I was thinking both offense and defense. He's a Division I player, you have to be intimidated."
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"Design is not something that just happens, it's a process. It keeps getting better and better."
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"I think I'm gonna finish up the stuff I've already committed to and then take a little break, 'cuz I just don't want people to get tired of me."
"We understand that some students will not be able to be here due to circumstances beyond their control even after the university is able to open its doors again. We will make every effort to assist these students with their matriculation."
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"[LOS ANGELES, California -- Mark Hamill says he wasn't making fun of his] Star Wars ... Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back."
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"I think this is the worst game we ever played since the season has started. Even though we were down in the first half we still had enough composure to not get upset and play our game."
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"We decided to approach IAM after a rigorous search across the industry. They have exactly the combination of history, people and performance to bring critical mass to our fund of hedge funds business."
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"This is our home city. You get to do this once. We don't see our current financial situation as a reason to not utilize this world stage that we paid to play on."
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"Every hour that he's on the loose is another hour he could hurt somebody. So we need to do everything we can to find him, and we are."
Author: Smith Quotes Category: Hurt Quotes
"We’ve got two equally spectacular concerts lined up, and we can’t wait for the music to start,"
Author: Smith Quotes Category: Music Quotes
"On the other hand, if students are attending classes and the school closes, they would be forgiven the loans and the grants."
Author: Smith Quotes Category: School Quotes
"We're living paycheck to paycheck over here."
Author: Smith Quotes Category: Living Quotes
"We have a lot of problems that we're going to be improving. Our plan is to cul-de-sac North Drive off. We're going to terminate the crossover. That's not the way we want North Cliff to function."
Author: Smith Quotes Category: Problems Quotes
"Clerks 2: The Passion of the Clerks."
Author: Smith Quotes Category: Passion Quotes

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