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40 Lyndon Johnson quotes:

"We have entered an age in which education is not just a luxury permitting some men an advantage over others. It has become a necessity without which a person is defenseless in this complex, industrialized society."
"It should be a place where each individual's dignity and self-respect is strengthened by the respect and affection of his neighbors. It should be a place where each of us can find the satisfaction and warmth which comes from being a member of the community of man. This is what man sought at the dawn of civilization. It is what we seek today."
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"If there is one word that describes our form of society in America, it may be the word - voluntary"
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"At the desk where I sit, I have learned one great truth. The answer for all our national problems - the answer for all the problems of the world - come to a single word. That word is education"
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"Learn from your dreams what you lack."
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"Never trust a man whose eyes are too close to his nose"
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"They call upon us to supply American boys to do the job that Asian boys should do."
"Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose."
"If future generations are to remember us more with gratitude than sorrow, we must achieve more than just the miracles of technology. We must also leave them a glimpse of the world as it was created, not just as it looked when we got through with it."
"I have learned that only two things are necessary to keep one's wife happy. First, let her think she's having her own way. And second, let her have it."
"Did you ever think that making a speech on economics is a lot like pissing down your leg? It seems hot to you, but it never does to anyone else."
"We must open the doors of opportunity. But we must also equip our people to walk through those doors."
"Every man has a right to a Saturday night bath."
"There are no favorites in my office. I treat them all with the same general inconsideration."
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"The presidency has made every man who occupied it, no matter how small, bigger than he was; and no matter how big, not big enough for its demands."
"We have talked long enough in this country about equal rights. It is time now to write the next chapter-and to write it in the books of law."
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"The moon and other celestial bodies should be free for exploration and use by all countries. No country should be permitted to advance a claim of sovereignty."
"I believe, with abiding conviction, that this people-nurtured by their deep faith, tutored by their hard lessons, moved by their high aspirations-have the will to meet the trials that these times impose."
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"What convinces is conviction"
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"It is the common failing of totalitarian regimes that they cannot really understand the nature of our democracy. They mistake dissent for disloyalty. They mistake restlessness for a rejection of policy. They mistake a few committees for a country. They misjudge individual speeches for public policy."
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