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William Godwin Quotes

44 William Godwin quotes:

"How can any one have genuine happiness, unless in proportion as he looks round, and, "behold, every thing is very good?"
Author: Godwin Quotes Category: Happiness Quotes
"Learning is the ally, not the adversary of genius . . . he who reads in a proper spirit, can scarcely read too much."
Author: Godwin Quotes Category: Genius Quotes
"I know many men who are misanthropes, and profess to look down with disdain on their species. My creed is of an opposite character. All that we observe that is best and most excellent in the intellectual world, is man: and it is easy to perceive in many cases, that the believer in mysteries does little more, than dress up his deity in the choicest of human attributes and qualifications. I have lived among, and I feel an ardent interest in and love for, my brethren of mankind. This sentiment, which I regard with complacency in my own breast, I would gladly cherish in others."
Author: Godwin Quotes Category: Men Quotes
"Liberty is one of the best of all sublunary advantages. I would willingly therefore communicate knowledge, without infringing, or with as little possible violence to, the volition and individual judgment of the person to be instructed."
Author: Godwin Quotes Category: Knowledge Quotes
"Perseverance is an active principle, and cannot continue to operate but under the influence of desire."
"But the watchful care of the parent is endless. The youth is never free from the danger of grating interference."
"Government will not fail to employ education, to strengthen its hands, and perpetuate its institutions."
"He has no right to his life when his duty calls him to resign it. Other men are bound... to deprive him of life or liberty, if that should appear in any case to be indispensably necessary to prevent a greater evil."
"One of the prerogatives by which man is eminently distinguished from all other living beings inhabiting this globe of earth, consists in the gift of reason."
Author: Godwin Quotes Category: English Writer Quotes Earth Quotes
"To him it is an ocean, unfathomable, and without a shore."
"There is reverence that we owe to everything in human shape."
Author: Godwin Quotes Category: English Writer Quotes Human Quotes
"In cases where every thing is understood, and measured, and reduced to rule, love is out of the question."
"Man is the only creature we know, that, when the term of his natural life is ended, leaves the memory of himself behind him."
"My thoughts will be taken up with the future or the past, with what is to come or what has been. Of the present there is necessarily no image."
"There can be no passion, and by consequence no love, where there is not imagination."
"We cannot perform our tasks to the best of our power, unless we think well of our own capacity."
"If he who employs coercion against me could mould me to his purposes by argument, no doubt he would. He pretends to punish me because his argument is strong; but he really punishes me because his argument is weak."
"The lessons of their early youth regulated the conduct of their riper years."
"The cause of justice is the cause of humanity. Its advocates should overflow with universal good will. We should love this cause, for it conduces to the general happiness of mankind."
"The diligent scholar is he that loves himself, and desires to have reason to applaud and love himself."

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