Owen McClain Quotes

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"Some of my friends are like freckles. There's actually no explanation for my affection for them. Who knows of why or what use freckles are; yet, I kind of like mine and would miss them very much if they were gone."
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"As to the myth about Fat Girls and certain abilities to achieve multiple...ummm...my only comment on THAT topic, having both thin and fat and, also, coincidently a girl...is that it most likely has to do with genetics. And praise the Goddess Aphrodite and her son Eros that I know all about those good genetics."
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"A male friend of mine recently told me that if he should so much as look at any women other than me, I was to club him in the head. Hard. He said it would save him some pain he was sure of it. Giving a woman the promise of permitted violence...difficult to pass that offer up."
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