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Richard Foreman Quotes

9 Richard Foreman quotes:

"My play is the ultimate expression of my feeling of the twilight of Western civilization."
Author: Foreman Quotes Category: Civilization Quotes Russian Composer Quotes
"But I also enjoyed the way more realistic, earthly events, like somebody peeking in the window, which you just happen to notice as the camera swings past, would redeem that film from being too much of a purist exercise."
Author: Foreman Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"I've been trying to figure out for at least the last 10 years how to force myself into something more risky."
Author: Foreman Quotes Category: Force Quotes Russian Composer Quotes
"I feel confused about the influence of a computerized society, where there's instant gratification at every level."
Author: Foreman Quotes Category: Influence Quotes
"In grade school I did lip synch versions of Gilbert and Sullivan operas."
Author: Foreman Quotes Category: School Quotes
"Because even at the age of fifteen, I used to go see all the Broadway shows and feel that they were sentimental, that they were pandering to the audience and trying to manipulate the audience. I had no use for practically any of the shows that were hits."
Author: Foreman Quotes Category: Age And Aging Quotes Russian Composer Quotes
"When, at fifteen years of age, I started going every weekend to New York, the plays that I loved were always the weird plays."
"I'm there to make a kind of theatrical music that is desperately missing in my life. And if other people don't like it, I'm very unhappy, but I can't do anything about that."
Author: Foreman Quotes Category: Life Quotes Russian Composer Quotes
"You know, actually, I went to Yale because I wanted to stay out of the army."
Author: Foreman Quotes Category: Army And Navy Quotes Russian Composer Quotes

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