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"We depend entirely on the truthfulness of the scientific community. We must believe that what they are showing us and what they say has been demonstrated is worthy of our concern and attention."
Author: Zoloth Quotes Category: Community Quotes
"This will have a profound impact on stem-cell research. The opponents of the research will feel themselves to be vindicated."
Author: Zoloth Quotes Category: Research Quotes
"You always have the problem of dual-use in every new technology. Steel can be used to make sewing needles or spears."
Author: Zoloth Quotes Category: Technology Quotes
"The technical challenges were solved in theory but not in practice."
Author: Zoloth Quotes Category: Practice Quotes
"Scientists have to go back to the beginning and search for a way to overcome that barrier. Now people will approach this with a lot more caution."
Author: Zoloth Quotes Category: Beginning Quotes
"This is powerful work and we live in an age that many tools and technologies can be turned into weaponry,"
"It is a heartbreaking turn for science and Korea. Without trust, we just cannot imagine science. This is utterly unacceptable."
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