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"I can't speak for them. But we've lost some games, too. It makes you face reality, that there are some things you needed to improve on."
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"It's been fun meeting players from across the country and meeting coaches from around the NFL. The Titans' staff has taught us a lot this week. Everything at this level is a lot more efficient, so you can't help to learn something from these coaches."
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"Growing up, I think the competition at a young age with the programs here, I was able to compete with a lot of great players at a young age, and I think that carried on to middle school and high school and I think that carried on to college. Those same things, the high competition at a high level, is still in me."
"We're definitely doing more blitzing (than in the past), and when you blitz you've got to communicate more. When you're blitzing, everyone has to be on the same page."
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"That's been a trademark of our football team. We go out every Saturday and try to play with intensity, we try to play with emotion, and we try to play with a chip on our shoulder. Until we do that, we're just an average team. When we do that, we can really step up to a challenge."
"We'll have the same mentality. We'll try to be one of the top defenses in the country. Be in the attack mode. Be aggressive."
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"This week has been like another practice at the University of Iowa for me. It's been fun having Chad play alongside me. Where both here trying to compete and make plays, and hopefully catch on with somebody."
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"We can't move forward if we keep on looking in the past. Last year was last year, and it was a great year, but it's gone."
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