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"Many of our post-collegiate players live in Alpharetta and have children in this age group. They are interested in providing the same fun-filled learning experience to their kids that they enjoyed growing up in the Northeast."
"This is the first time in my experience that the governor's office has asked to have someone on the selection committee. But that reflects the administration's interest in state parks."
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"This is just another example of Microsoft sticking it to the little guy and not protecting their customers. Microsoft has proven yet again that the security of a company's network should not be left in their hands as they are slow to react to such vulnerabilities."
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"shamelessly supporting and whitewashing terrible crimes against humanity."
"Cooperation with tyranny should not be embraced for the sake of profits."
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"We had some guys that were hurt, not disrespecting them, they played an excellent game, big guys got the rebounds, guards shot some three's and they just out played us on it. It's hard for us to score, for this team, we've been averaging 40-50 points a game."
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"Fontainebleau was giving me the drive, so I just took what they were giving me. I knew they would be guarding tight, because they always play tough defense. I was just ready to do whatever I could to help my team out."
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"Everybody knows him as Barney and you know that's what I remember about him. He's always cutting up giving us a good time. He's what made the show."
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"The food was donated through various locations. We also purchase a lot of it ourselves. It's 100 percent volunteer."
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"When publications like the Baltimore Sun run headlines like 'Seafood, tea, sauerkraut in food spotlight,' you know that sauerkraut has arrived in the national consciousness and has spiked in popularity. We've seen our sales climb pretty rapidly in the fourth quarter of 2005 as people have learned about the health benefits of sauerkraut and continued eating it because of its versatility and flavor."
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"While poor test results might not necessarily indicate poor health -- or noncompliance -- it's an excellent early indicator of potential problems to come."
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"There's tons of room out there. You've got to hit it hard out there. ... I went out and I was swinging — there are some holes on the course that I tried to hit my driver harder than I hit it all year."
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"There's a basic understanding that to maintain the TPC mark, even as a license facility, it has to maintain a certain quality that is reflective of the TPC brand. The great thing about the situation in this case is we're dealing with partners who have a very strong presence in the Myrtle Beach area, and obviously it's their reputation as well so they're motivated to maintain a quality experience."
"Our board has voted on them being the vendor depending on the money coming from the state and everything."
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"I don't think that someone who is not working should receive any money."
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"It's a growing sport, period. It's supposed to be one of the fastest-growing sports in the United States."
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"We come in early to make sure the project is workable. We identify problems early so keep the project on track."
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"I use products that I like, I use products that work. If somebody gives me something for free and they want me to try it out, I'll absolutely try it out. If I like a product, I'll write about it."
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"I usually work at a yard where there's nobody watching, so it's a little bit different now."
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