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Joe Cole Quotes

9 Joe Cole quotes:

"We know we have to go there and score two goals, and if anyone's capable of doing that it's our squad."
Author: Cole Quotes Category: Goals Quotes
"We've got the best squad to do it. We've been unfortunate in the three games we've played against Barcelona to end up playing with 10 men on two occasions. The luck hasn't been with us but we still beat them last year, so we can do it this year as well."
Author: Cole Quotes Category: Games Quotes
"It had a very successful year last year, but it's challenged to compete because of its age."
Author: Cole Quotes Category: Age And Aging Quotes
"It's a fantastic victory, two matches, six points,"
Author: Cole Quotes Category: Victory Quotes
"The goal was for my dad. He had a minor heart attack a couple of days ago. He is feeling fine and was watching the game from hospital and he will be well pleased."
Author: Cole Quotes Category: Heart Quotes
"Its going to be a big game in Chelsea history."
Author: Cole Quotes Category: History Quotes
"We could not get going against Liverpool and we take collective responsibility for that."
"We want to have the community's support, and this is one way to get it."
Author: Cole Quotes Category: Support Quotes
"The pigs weren't mummified and they were in these jars with blood and maggots crawling out of the ears and maggots crawling all over. We just did not think that was appropriate."
Author: Cole Quotes Category: Blood Quotes

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