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12 Michelle Davis quotes:

"Learning is not restricted to any age; it's not just for the young. Try to learn things throughout your life, and it will help keep your cognitive functioning higher."
"Exercise also has great benefits for mental health. It releases endorphins that make you feel happy."
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"We have seen similar behavior in the past."
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"Be willing to have fun. Continue doing activities you love, for as long as your physical body will let you do them. Try new things -- don't be afraid to try new things."
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"She proved that she can step up and perform at the college level. She played almost 40 minutes a game, that's like playing an extra seven games this year. Also in college, there is much more banging and hounding you, especially after you're named the Rookie of the Week and leading the team in scoring."
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"I saw her at a future star's tournament. I wrote that she has an OK shot. I guess I wasn't watching too well that day."
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"In our first eight games she is the leading scorer six times, not bad for a freshman. That puts a smile on your face. It's easier for the coach, especially when your freshman step up."
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"No names come to mind, but something like the Michael Moore show last year."
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"She is definitely an outside threat. I knew her shot was her strength and that she could handle the ball. If we're being pressured, it's good to have guards in the back court that could help us. Hitting three's is the key for her."
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"As we get older, we kind of fight the aging process. But it's a natural part of life."
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"There are benefits to maintaining your spirituality throughout your life."
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"When you're born, you're actually born with the muscle cells you're going to have for the rest of your life. If you use them, and exercise and get those muscles working, you'll help them to grow. But if you don't use them, they're going to decline."
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