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"In this day and age, it is a different deal. Hopefully, I can take advantage of that after teams get used to seeing lefties. If they see three lefties and then me, maybe their lefties (hitters) might be a little rusty when they face me."
"Obviously, I'm a little tight from having done minimal exercise and activity the past so many weeks. I've just got to be patient. Things will go on and get better in time."
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"It was scary, a real eye-opening experience. You take your health for granted, especially when you are a professional athlete. To do something like this just to play a game, it's amazing that our job includes risks like this. It's given me some perspective on this game."
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"Right now, it's just a matter of getting my strength and endurance back. So far, no setbacks."
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"Whatever it is, it's too much. I came in here throwing well. It's frustrating. I just have to hope for a speedy recovery."
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"A good piece of hitting, ... But they tell you solo homers don't hurt you. I'm not going to beat myself up too much over that one."
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"We lost, that's what it all boils down to. As a starter, you want to have quality starts and give your guys a chance to win, but what can you say?"
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"I just tried to take on the same approach as my previous outings. I was just trying to visualize the pitch that I wanted to throw and execute it."
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"Obviously at this point in the season it was a goal of mine to go out there and try to have a quality outing and finish on a good note,"
"It's just a little bit of peace of mind at least heading into the off-season that I finished on a good outing, because the season as a whole has been disappointing."
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"One game, I'd be a power guy. The next time, I'd try finesse. I'd throw to the middle of the plate one game, to the corners the next."
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