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13 James Smith quotes:

"God was able to keep his finger on it and keep them safe -- and we rejoice, ... I think He answered our prayers."
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"Since 2001, Florida has added more payroll jobs than any other state, including California, which is triple its population."
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"The three black graces, Law, Physic, and Divinity."
"Everybody expects the economy to slow down. But the question is when is it going to slow down."
"People just don't think poverty exists here. It's a perception that since Howard County is an affluent place . . . low-income people just don't live here. (But) they do."
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"The poor will always be among us. In their mind, as long as they get gas and electricity, they're OK. But what about the next month? And the next? . . . The challenge is helping people to break out of the mentality of poverty."
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"I expect good things from him, as far as leadership, leading by example, knowing what's expected and knowing what it takes to get the job done and being in the right position."
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"We're going to get to a number like 3.8 percent in the next four months. Jobs are plentiful and easy to get. The economy is strong, no two ways about it."
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"Those Wall Street gurus have bigger expense accounts than I have total income."
"Every kid in the family, besides Marvel, left the house by the age of 16. There was less stress living on our own than trying to survive in the environment we were in. I don't know how Marvel did it. He spent his time playing football, but the cards were stacked against him."
"The mortality rates among people around age 60 is about the same in both countries. But we don't do a better job at preventing people from getting sick in the first place."
"It could help on the crops and fire situation, but it really depends on how long it hangs around and how much water it puts on us. If it doesn't amount to much, this stuff will dry out pretty quick."
Author: Smith Quotes Category: Fire Quotes
"Just wondered if you know the audience figures for the Brilliant 'Trisha Goddard show' on Five? Which show is doing best in that time slot? Also how is Five's 'Wright Stuff' doing against 'this morning'? Look forward to your column every week."
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