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John Leguizamo Quotes

8 John Leguizamo quotes:

"Land of the Dead."
Author: Leguizamo Quotes Category: Land Quotes
"If I was in Hollywood and I got bitten by a zombie, I would want to stay a zombie and then take down as many people as I could,"
"My mother came in early in the process,"
Author: Leguizamo Quotes Category: Mother Quotes
"[Nominated for best animated feature,] Ice Age ... I don't know about you guys but we are the weirdest herd I've ever seen."
"Ice Age 2: The Meltdown."
"He was like twitching and frothing and it was my father, ... I went like all pale. I felt all the blood leave my body. And then my father was like, 'How dare you?' And he stormed out of the theater and I followed him and we fought and argued and hugged and he cried and we made up."
Author: Leguizamo Quotes Category: Fathers Quotes
"My parents talked to me in Spanish and I answered in English,"
Author: Leguizamo Quotes Category: Parents Quotes
"There are just so many intellectual things with the script that aren't normal, ... breaking all the rules, and it still works."
Author: Leguizamo Quotes Category: Rules Quotes

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