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"The romanticism of a voyage, for whatever age, is here and alive aboard the QE2."
"I think that Gil will be pitching for us again this year; that's my expectation. But the idea is to get him 100 percent healthy. There's no need to rush."
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"Thornton is progressing, has progressed this year. Matt has not only had limited big-league experience, but limited experience, period."
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"Some times lack of success is just lack of experience. So what we have to figure out with the young guys is what was missing. Was it a command issue? Was it related to emotional distress? Or were there some things physically that they weren't doing that didn't allow them to be successful."
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"I don't think he'd be here if we considered him raw and vulnerable. The real challenges lie in just preparing him or dealing with the things he's going through for the first time that most 19-year-olds are going through in rookie ball."
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"There's been nothing to suggest he'll crack when he is challenged more. I see consistency in his work ethic, routine and demeanor."
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"We hope to see some real signs of the rotation coming to life in the last month. Or, inevitably, you're going to have to make a decision."
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"My goals with these guys the first time or two they touch the ball is to throw the ball over the plate, and he did that."
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"We throw him a lot of hard stuff inside. A lot of teams do that. But he doesn't miss against us. He's got our number."
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"We're not trying to saddle up Freddy and have him carry us into the postseason. We just need him to be a significant, reliable contributor to the starting rotation."
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"My philosophy is that really good pitchers know their mechanics and are able to self-correct when the game is on the line. A pitching coach can't go out there every time there's a tough situation."
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