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John Hynes Quotes

3 John Hynes quotes:

"The free economic zone itself is still an ongoing debate in the National Assembly; we don't know what the FEZ actually is."
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"One of the things which gets overlooked with this age group is that coaches have to be not only a coach on the ice, but also a life mentor. Our kids are 15-17 and they're in such development as a person. You have to deal with them emotionally ? it might be their first time away from home, or their first girlfriend. You have to teach them how to get through adversity, and how to be a young man."
"We try to put them in situations where they can take their talent and maximize it. We try to get them out of their comfort zone, playing against older, bigger players, so they have to use their minds as well as their skill to succeed. It doesn't matter what sport you play in, there are always going to be kids who are talented when they're young but they never face any adversity. Sometimes, the coaches take from the kids ? say a coach who has a guy that can score five goals a game but doesn't involve his teammates ? down the road, that's a disservice to player. There's a whole different element to being an elite athlete."
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