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"There's a lot of really good singers we were turning down because of the age limit, and we realized it was silly. You're certainly not over the hill by 28."
"No one can say that guy wasn't entertaining."
"I think underneath that black jumper, somewhere, there is a sense of conscience. It's his job. I mean, he does enjoy it. He would be a fool not to enjoy it. Nobody in their right mind is going to walk out on the most popular television show in the country for whatever reason, no matter how much money they've got. It's not just money. He loves it and he's good at it. What else is he gonna do? I can't see him selling records in a record shop."
Author: Warwick Quotes Category: Conscience Quotes
"It's all about engaging and entertaining the audience as well as having a good voice, good range and being a bit unique."
Author: Warwick Quotes Category: Audiences Quotes
"It's all part of the charm of the show. Just when you think you've seen it all and no one crazy is going to walk through the door, in walks someone even more outrageous and the judges put them through."
Author: Warwick Quotes Category: Charming Quotes
"It's good fun and it gives validity to the program. You need the bad singers to give the good singers attention."
Author: Warwick Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"It absolutely breaks my heart, coming from Liverpool as I do, that I can't play a single Beatles song, absolutely drives me nuts."
Author: Warwick Quotes Category: Heart Quotes
"Why should you take a drop in money?"
Author: Warwick Quotes Category: Money Quotes
"Austin is very good compared to the others. The talent is very good there, which is why we keep coming back."
Author: Warwick Quotes Category: Talent Quotes

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