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Linda Lee Quotes

7 Linda Lee quotes:

"Apparently when a state law process happens it often takes longer than what is expected. We're encouraged because second-hand smoke gives off a severe toxin that can cause cancer and heart disease."
Author: Lee Quotes Category: Law Quotes
"We are very happy to announce that this year's recipes are, if possible, better than last year's recipes, ... The competition this year will consist of three cooks in three categories all vying for the coveted grand prize and the honor of calling themselves the 'second annual Prime Beef Cook-Off Grand Champion.'"
Author: Lee Quotes Category: Competition Quotes
"We had two critical mistakes that cost us goals, ... It was definitely a learning experience."
Author: Lee Quotes Category: Experience Quotes
"People think that if they don't have a family history that they're OK. Every person should assume that they are at risk."
Author: Lee Quotes Category: Family Quotes
"The law takes effect Oct. 1, but we will focus on education on Oct. 1."
Author: Lee Quotes Category: Education Quotes
"First grade is a little early to be reading nutritional content but the perfect age to be marketed to."
Author: Lee Quotes Category: Age And Aging Quotes
"You don't have to spend a fortune on home security. You can do a lot with a drill and some nails."
Author: Lee Quotes Category: Fortune Quotes

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