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"In our minds, the age of the rag doll is over. Now we layer on top of the simulation this intelligence, this awareness, this ability to respond, react, get back up and grab onto things."
"School board members all sign an acceptable-use agreement that talks about things we will and will not do with the computers."
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"We'd like to have people pray, to have everyone pray, so we can find his body, ... Our goal is to pray so they can find him, so we can have some closure."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Body Quotes
"We want to ensure that technical college education remains a vital part of getting students work force ready."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: College Quotes
"I'm seeing a lot of interesting innovation."
"To date there have been no human health impacts."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Health Quotes
"The risk is that by getting a cheap deal on broadband you'll be paying over the odds for your phone service, but most bundled packages are pretty competitive on both. You might get a slightly cheaper deal by finding the cheapest phone and internet providers separately, but many people are happy to pay slightly more for the convenience of a single package."
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"We're not participating in it. We do not support it."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Support Quotes
"When you strip away the passion and the rhetoric, the simple fact is smoking is a hazard. The restaurants are a public work place. Therefore, it should be restricted."
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