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"It's not really a point system. The judging is based upon aggression, control of the ring, and also attempts to finish. There isn't a punch or kick count, like karate or kick boxing. It's a big difference."
Author: Freitas Quotes Category: Aggression Quotes
"predicated upon an end of the aggression and return of peace."
"To open the space for negotiations, (NATO) aggression on Yugoslavia has to stop immediately,"
"You have to play with controlled aggression, it's the only way. I was sent off five times in 1,000 games, that is controlled aggression. I deserved those red cards, and if I didn't I wouldn't moan about it."
Author: Pearce Quotes Category: Aggression Quotes Soccer Quotes
"We must be ready for an aggression,"
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"Many girls intentionally perpetrate acts of aggression that go unseen by parents and teachers. Because they are so skilled at being subtle, girls can communicate a thousand words without saying anything. By rolling their eyes or turning their back on another girl, they can shut that other person out without being noticed by anyone else - even a concerned parent or teacher."
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"We condemn what happened today concerning the aggression against a brotherly state under the pretext that some organizations exist there,"
"The main problem is the Zionist (Israeli) occupation and continuing aggression against our people."
Author: Haniya Quotes Category: Aggression Quotes
"Once again, the shedders of innocent blood, the dwarfs who have only known treachery, treason and aggression, have perpetrated a new crime: the assassination of a senior Iraqi diplomat."
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"The aggression has to stop,"
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"Until we get our aggression back, and until we start approaching the game differently, we're not going to like the results. I realize that and I'm trying to get these kids to realize that. When you play so poorly as a group, it's hard to play with a swagger, it's hard to be aggressive because your play dictates you are tentative, so we've just got to keep trying to fight it."
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"His aggression is one of his big strengths,"
Author: Lampard Quotes Category: Aggression Quotes
"He's tall and skilled and has some aggression. Anyone that tall and skilled is going to [present] problems."
"We lost our aggressiveness. We came out and thought they were going to roll over and die."
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"I have a background from my younger days in hockey. When somebody slammed you into the boards with undue force and aggression, you took their number,"
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"Many people, ... base their thinking about boys on the myth that 'testosterone = aggressiveness = boys,' but nothing in the research, mine included, proves that equation to be true . So why do men behave so much more violently than women do, if there is no male 'violence chromosome'? When boys feel disconnected (from adequate love and support) and afraid of being shamed, when they harden themselves and then put on the macho mask, the one emotion they feel it's acceptable to show, and thus the only emotion they will show, is anger."
"Whenever we run the ball that gives us an aggressiveness. It gets those safeties really interested in what's going on up front. If we can (draw) those guys up, our receivers are going to have a field day out there."
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"It's when [the subject] makes eye contact with you, and there's that tiny moment of challenge, of vulnerability or sudden aggression or confusion or insecurity. You construct the movie out of those moments that happen between lines and beneath the lines, and then you're very lucky to have actors like Presley and Terry, who can deliver those very subtle moments in characters that don't say a huge amount."
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"It was a well-officiated game. That's just an alarming stat and really shows our lack of aggressiveness. We just weren't taking the ball to the basket."
Author: Guess Quotes Category: Aggression Quotes
"It's not something we want to go in there and repeat. We want to take a different mindset, to go in with a whole different mentality and aggressiveness."
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