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"We started backed up, and you call plays a little different. You run plays a little different. But that's no excuse. We have to find ways to move the football and come out with the same aggressiveness that we had in the first half. I think we did that. I just think Atlanta came out and they changed up a few things, they did some different things that broke our flow, and they made some plays. Now we have to find a way to respond."
"He's a class act - a bloke that I thought had the perfect action. Just the way he went about his business - he had aggression when he needed it and then he could go back and bowl his line and length. He's a fantastic role model for the kids."
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"It's always a fine line. If you overdo (aggression) it's 'ugly Australians', but if you have a smile on your face it's Australia being too nice."
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"We have to come out and play with some swagger, some aggressiveness. It just seems like sometimes we get down. It seems like we lose it a little bit after a couple of mistakes."
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"When all is said, its atmosphere (England's) still contains fewer germs of aggression and brutality per cubic foot in a crowded bus, pub or queue than in any other country in which I have lived"
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"Does our ferocity not derive from the fact that our instincts are all too interested in other people? If we attended more to ourselves and became the center, the object of our murderous inclinations, the sum of our intolerances would diminish."
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"It was disappointing to see us come out a little flat on our feet. I thought that we hustled -- I think there is a difference between hustling and being aggressive, and we weren't aggressive."

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