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Entertainment Quotes

265 Entertainment quotes:

"Movies can and do have tremendous influence in shaping young lives in the realm of entertainment towards the ideals and objectives of normal adulthood."
"We are entering a digital decade where smart, connected devices and advanced home-entertainment solutions will enable people to utilize technology in new ways and maximize its full potential."
"A am a great friend of public amusements, they keep people from vice."
"I can kid around and say it's entertainment and everybody likes our shows, but we have something else at stake. This is a chance to teach-not preach, teach."
"We grow up with certain icons and certain entertainment ... and being able to share it with someone else and see it through their eyes for the first time is very satisfying,"
"It's really a quality of service [move] for mobile entertainment."
"With software as a service and entertainment software delivered via the Internet, we're seeing interesting new Internet technologies and delivery platforms that enable these types of applications."
"Xbox Live really started out as an online gaming service on the path to becoming a major entertainment network. This is the latest chapter the big first step in that mission for us."
"Among the U.S. carriers, Sprint has been the most aggressive in trying to become a media and entertainment player, and they're leading the pack."
"Today?s offer reflects the exciting opportunities that now exist to combine quality entertainment with significant high-speed connections."
"This year will be a watershed for delivering to consumers an array of new entertainment experiences. Thanks to broadband proliferation and growing cooperation between content producers and other members of the digital entertainment value chain, we'll see significant product and service announcements throughout 2006."
"We want to provide the best possible entertainment for our fans and that means creating a winning team and maximizing their chances of success."
"Our objective is to bring quality entertainment to that facility. The quantity is going to vary from year to year."
"We're not going out as much -- eating, entertainment -- we're trying to get rid of those kind of things."
"The digital lifestyle is about staying connected with people and information, and enjoying digital entertainment, wherever you are — even in the car. Working with Fiat we have delivered automotive-grade systems that extend the digital lifestyle into the car at a price that is affordable to most car buyers. Windows Mobile for Automotive provides performance, reliability and flexibility for a new generation of in-car communication and infotainment solutions."
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"Yahoo! Broadcast represents the best in the convergence of entertainment and new media. This new service combines the interactivity of the Web with the rich experience of television and radio."
"Here the NHL is trying to portray itself as family entertainment, ... and this ad doesn't support that very well."
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"Our ambitious goal here is to build Xbox Live into an online entertainment network. The announcement of our deal with Epic Records is a big step in that direction."
"That's what music is entertainment. The more you put yourself into it, the more of you comes out in it."
"The biggest impact on adult entertainment will be in marketing."

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