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"Fact is, Carl is a young man of great potential and enthusiasm. He's on a learning curve that's straight up and it'd be more likely he'd have a great result this year than it was him having a great result last year. He doesn't need to focus on not losing, he doesn't need to focus on hanging on, he just needs to go out and do what's natural, which is what got him where he is."
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"I thought it was a hoot. It's kind of too bad that you get the enthusiasm right before the season's over."
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"No person is ever good for much, that hasn't been swept off their feet by enthusiasm between ages twenty and thirty."
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"We still feel the Jets should be in Queens. She's getting a lot of enthusiasm from people on the street to bring the Jets back ... It just seems to be more and more serious as time goes by."
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"Many students marched off in enthusiasm for the front. It was a national hysteria."
"None of the propositions favored by the governor's administration are inspiring much passion or enthusiasm among voters. With little connecting them to this election, support for the entire enterprise is low."
"Dave's the right guy for this program right now. He's a young guy with a lot of enthusiasm."
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"In 1934 people were crazy and there was great enthusiasm for Hitler. We had to try and find that with our camera."
"We didn't have a very big crowd, and there wasn't much enthusiasm about our opener. But we got off to a good start, and we got a win, but we had to savor it because we didn't get another one for a long time."
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"By coming here collectively, is to generate an enthusiasm that individually we could not generate."
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"That was great. Our fans have such great enthusiasm. They're the sixth man on the ice for us. It's an intimidation factor."
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"I don't want to see this end at this project. I am so excited about the enthusiasm of this group; I've seen a couple of scripts and my jaw has dropped. (This) is a group that came together with chaotic synergy."
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"It was important to come out strong and with a lot of enthusiasm tonight after two preseason losses. The losses were tough, but they put us in our place and we were able to find out what we were doing wrong and improved on it. It was nice to get our first win."
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"He had a lot of enthusiasm for learning and was coming along very nicely. You never think too much about something like this happening."
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"for her total support of local programs and for being a terrific person, full of enthusiasm."
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"There is no reason for Italy not to look towards the future with enthusiasm. We have our problems, but we will solve them, believing that we have all that we need to be able to do so; talent, capital and the attention of the international community."
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"We hadn't counted on, I guess, the over-enthusiasm of people."
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"We are sure that the delegates will be amazed by the enthusiasm and the potential that exists in the Middle East for their services and products."
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"I wanted to share with the crowd my enthusiasm. I messed up."
"The intensity we came out with was stepped up. I'm proud of the enthusiasm we showed."

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