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"This agreement will allow the delivery of life-saving medicines to people who desperately need them. It represents a big breakthrough in our efforts to begin treatment programs in places where, until now, there has been virtually no medicine, and therefore no hope."
Author: Clinton Quotes Category: Agreement Quotes
"It's imperative that something positive comes out of the negotiations in Geneva. The cease-fire agreement serves as the basis for a permanent peace settlement."
"This vote demonstrates that the AEIF stands united in its determination to secure an equitable labor agreement with AK Steel. The executive committee will continue negotiating with AK Steel to achieve that result."
Author: Daley Quotes Category: Agreement Quotes
"We finally have an agreement and the government has showed good will in terms of helping out our province."
Author: Perez Quotes Category: Agreement Quotes
"There's an agreement on sharing Galileo operational and control centers."
Author: Barrot Quotes Category: Agreement Quotes
"We reached the final agreement with the Kuwaiti government to resume our diplomatic activities and we will reopen our embassy within the few coming weeks."
Author: Zebari Quotes Category: Agreement Quotes
"If there is not an agreement, then we can take it over and give it to someone else,"
Author: Bakrie Quotes Category: Agreement Quotes
"This is unbelievable. We need to have an agreement with them to keep control over the land use there."
Author: Staub Quotes Category: Agreement Quotes
"We reached agreement; I am going to Luxembourg,"
Author: Gul Quotes Category: Agreement Quotes
"But this agreement will help us meet the needs of the community."
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"agreement to a timetable that will lead to decisions in the US Congress to change our law and the ultimate decision of the Indian government to meet their commitments."
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"I have reminded him (Major) that there are some positive as well as some negative elements in the Dayton agreement and that lately, these negative elements are more and more prevailing. That is creating a fear among our people -- a fear that that might lead to the disintegration of the country."
"This agreement will help speed the process of developing vaccines we will need to fight an outbreak if the avian flu starts to spread rapidly through the human population."
Author: Leavitt Quotes Category: Agreement Quotes
"Obviously, we always hope that they will see their way to completing the Lusaka protocol and peace agreement, but all evidence to date suggests that this is not what they intend to do."
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"We hope the current situation with respect to the lease agreement will be short-lived and will work hard to eliminate any disruption for visitors to the (Convention) center and to hotel guests."
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"I very much welcome this landmark agreement. This regulation will improve the health of children by ensuring innovation in the development of medicines for their use."
"The tentative agreement on health care matters is the result of an in-depth analysis of G.M.'s financial situation and many weeks of intense discussion between the U.A.W. and G.M.."
"The work is going very well, and ... I hope and expect that we will conclude an agreement shortly thereafter."
Author: Ross Quotes Category: Agreement Quotes
"I still am hopeful, even though time is short, we will get to an agreement which permits us to avoid Chapter 11."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Agreement Quotes
"The government under my authority will not accept any agreement in any form that will recognize ... the right of return. Period ... I do not intend to sign any document that will transfer sovereignty over the Temple Mount to Palestinians,"
Author: Barak Quotes Category: Agreement Quotes

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