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"I believe that we can assure that everybody will take part in this agreement and cooperate with the OSCE mission, ... The people of Kosovo are interested in an international presence that will protect them."
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"A new agreement will make it much easier for us to realize the full potential of our partnership and will be a strong signal of our mutual commitment to deepening our relationship."
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"This agreement is an important step towards satisfying India's growing need for energy, including nuclear technology and fuel, as an engine for development."
"France hasn't been a member of NATO's military command for the last 37 years, so their agreement on military planning isn't even required."
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"We're very pleased to announce tonight that we have reached a tentative agreement with the Ford Motor Company... during what proved to be a very difficult and challenging set of negotiations,"
"The four-week suspension was for just cause. Additionally, there was no inherent violation of the labor agreement in the club's decision to pay Owens but not practice or play him due to the nature of the player's conduct and its destructive and continuing threat to the team."
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"When Hurricane Katrina hit, they immediately began calling everyone on their roster. FEMA entered into an agreement with the International Fire Chief Association and were requesting teams of two firefighters to be sent to the devastated areas. Greg Hershey and I were both on the roster."
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"We now have a ballpark agreement that is better for the District and is better in every way. What it will do is bring in revenue."
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"We do not believe that they want to reach an agreement."
"I hope that the project will continue selling to India beyond the 15 years agreement, unless India says otherwise, and we have not thought of any other country at the moment."
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"We believe that's the best way, and that commitment hasn't changed. We recognize that we must get a consensual agreement if we are to get out of bankruptcy, and we've made significant changes and movement in our position to try to demonstrate that commitment."
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"The agreement reached today gives us an opportunity to get the reform back on track by prioritizing the fundamentals, taking a hard look at what is and what is not working."
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"Neither of us is predicting there will be an agreement by Tuesday, but what we have seen over the past 24 hours is substantial movement,"
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"The new owners will be bound by the same agreement we have with Isle of Capri. Certainly, our preference would be to keep the team in Pittsburgh forever."
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"If they are still under U.S. control, it would have to be on the basis of some agreement between the United States and the country concerned -- and that agreement would basically establish the bounds of their rights."
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"So we can say that an agreement has been made."
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"Like the U.A.W.-G.M. health care agreement, this tentative agreement asks every U.A.W. member, active and retired, to make sacrifices so that everyone can continue to receive excellent health care coverage today and in the future."
"The league is challenging the offer sheet. But there's nothing in the (collective bargaining agreement) that prohibits this from happening."
"Reaching an agreement has been a long and complex process, but I am convinced the outcome will help enshrine the future success of Telus and our team. We now have a significant opportunity to move forward with an agreement that recognizes our team members' tremendous contributions and provides Telus with the flexibility needed to continue our leadership position in a highly competitive market."
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"It is neither my intention to depart from the route of John Garang nor to change the Comprehensive Peace Agreement."
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