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Environment Quotes

686 Environment quotes:

"PHILISTINE, n. One whose mind is the creature of its environment, following the fashion in thought, feeling and sentiment. He is sometimes learned, frequently prosperous, commonly clean and always solemn."
Author: Bierce Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"After a thorough analysis of our environment, we recognized that we could significantly cut costs and increase productivity for our 18,400 employees by replacing it with Microsoft's integrated collaboration solution."
Author: Taylor Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"Although the current growth environment is not impressive, positive growth is still positive growth. On the darker side of things, however, we must admit that the economy still lacks the growth momentum needed to correct many of the labor market ailments."
Author: Chan Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"The people we see here have problems we can't even imagine, ... They keep going back into that environment."
Author: Davis Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"Knowing we can go out on the road and play in a hostile environment like this and play to the end ... a game like this has to help us. We've played well on the road, and we'll be at home Thursday, which is good, but if we get by Maize, we'll have to go on the road and play a competitive team."
"We're trying to restore some sanity to the pricing environment in our industry."
Author: LaNeve Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"Eight block can work for some kids but not all. Every child should be given an environment to promote their learning. Self-starting kids thrive in eight block but also in seven period. The rest are being set up to fail in eight block."
"In the past the environment has been viewed as something like a Hermes silk tie or a Gucci handbag-a luxury only affordable when all other issues have been resolved, but this (WRI) report, allied with a series of other new and authoritative studies released over recent months such as the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, overturns this myth and underlines in graphic detail the importance of `natures` natural capital alongside financial and human capital,"
"We can develop ANWR oil without harm to the environment and to the wildlife that live there,"
"The older you get, the less you want to leave your environment. We've got to find better ways to take care of these people and people in nursing homes and hospitals."
"We, as a species, never understood how we have changed [the environment]."
Author: Lin Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"As long as this economic environment stays intact, the market can grind its way North. You pay a lot of attention to valuation and you have to keep your eye on the long term. If you have funds that you need in the short term, I think you probably need to take some money off the table."
Author: White Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"In what has been a tough trading environment we have performed solidly in our fourth quarter. We believe that the consumer environment is set to remain challenging and that there will be continuing inflationary pressure on retail costs."
Author: Baker Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"This project fills a void in this part of Dallas by providing a village center -- an inviting environment and gathering spot for daytime office workers as well as residents near or visiting the Galleria area, ... As the name implies, Village on the Green will be a refreshing oasis for relaxation and retail and I predict it will become the new destination for after-hours dining and entertainment."
Author: Shaw Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"Everyone knew it was a very difficult environment for PCs and microprocessors this quarter. I think the question was really whether Intel would be able to see enough in time to kind of clamp down on expenses and keep that from being a problem in the first quarter, ... So, even though there is negative news here, it looks like they did clamp down on their expenses and it looks like the earnings hit isn't all that bad. Clearly the bad environment was already signaled by the stock's decline in the last few days."
Author: Moore Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"I think it's tough when you're traded. You come into new surroundings. ? It's a whole new environment, surroundings, and every day provides a comfort level. I think it's really starting to show with Doug."
"an intensely competitive environment."
"It's not in the best interest of Northwest Airlines to operate in this type of environment long-term."
"Greenspan will note the economy's robust growth pace in a low inflation environment, ... the downside risks of the international weakness . . . most recently Brazil."
"I have a growing organization. It would never occur to me to take that environment and put my institute out there."
Author: Ward Quotes Category: Environment Quotes

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