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Environment Quotes

686 Environment quotes:

"We benefited from a positive global economic market and there is a positive environment at least through mid-year. We intend to operate as near to full capacity as we can in the second quarter."
Author: Surma Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"Looking ahead, while we remain cautious about the near-term operating environment, we are confident in the strength of our franchise and the firm's longer-term growth prospects,"
"We used music in the film to create an environment. It made it feel like we were telling our story with a little extra -- a little extra soul."
Author: Crowe Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"It makes a huge difference (being on the road); it's not as comfortable in another environment. It's more comfortable at home when you know the rims and the crowd. It's something that we have to learn how to do."
Author: Smith Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"If you have to sell in an environment of rising interest rates, you could sell it substantially below what you paid for it."
"It's pretty simple. These laws are very bad for the cigarette companies, because they create an environment for people to quit if they want to."
Author: Glantz Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"The evidence of their rapid revival is a positive signal, not only for the environment and the local communities who live there, but must be seen as a contribution to wider peace and security for the Iraqi people."
"When the Irishman is found outside of Ireland in another environment, he very often becomes a respected man. The economic and intellectual conditions that prevail in his own country do not permit the development of individuality. No one who has any self-respect stays in Ireland, but flees afar as though from a country that has undergone the visitation of an angered Jove."
Author: Joyce Quotes Category: Environment Quotes Exile Quotes
"Obviously the DeWitt game is big in terms of pride, and it's a great environment between two local rivals. But in terms of state standings, it's just an exhibition. We're 0-0 in the MAC right now, as is Davenport West."
Author: Bloom Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"Ireland is just too successful, that's the problem. Ireland is seen as too expansionary given the current inflationary environment."
Author: Cliffe Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"Exxon Mobil produced solid results in an adverse economic and commodity price environment,"
"In the current environment people will see things in a sectarian light... and it may well lead to further expansion of growing sectarian animosities."
"British Columbians are showing that it is possible to protect the environment and provide the economic foundation for healthy communities. This innovative rainforest agreement provides a real world example of how people and wilderness can prosper together."
"All of my work is based on nature. I grew up in a rural environment and living in the Bay Area allows for immediate access to wonderful natural environs. Basically nature is my Genus Loci, or the place where my spirit resides."
Author: Anderson Quotes Category: Environment Quotes Australian Actress Quotes
"It has become a very hostile working environment. It's like working on a plantation. It's hard to greet passengers with a smile when you have employers constantly harassing employees."
Author: Wyatt Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"Both MTBE and ethanol are bad for the environment, and we don't need them in our gasoline."
Author: Tittel Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"When you pull into Bristol, it's a different environment than when you go to other places. How you have to drive the racetrack is so intense and so aggressive. Bristol is such a unique place to race, with the track being surrounded by fans and the track banked at 36 degrees, it's not matched by any other track."
Author: Burton Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"Despite a volatile environment, our fundamentals remain very strong,"
Author: Immelt Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"The semiconductor industry continues to show signs of improvement in a healthier global economic environment. As the market for computing, consumer communications and Internet-related products continues to grow, we believe Applied Materials, with our technology leadership and global infrastructure, will have an excellent opportunity to capitalize on this growth."
Author: Morgan Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"It's like a kid. When he's born, he could be a doctor. But if he's in the wrong environment, he could end up in jail. It's not that I'm a great trainer, I've just tried to put him in the right environment."
Author: Walker Quotes Category: Environment Quotes

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