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Environment Quotes

686 Environment quotes:

"We believe that this project will not have a negative impact on the environment or on the bird's ecosystem, ... we're all very interested in saving the bird."
"The trading environment remains difficult and we do not expect this to improve in the next financial year. Progress will become more demanding as we start to come up against growth year on year."
Author: Rose Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"The environment was great and to come in here and find a way to get it done is huge. I feel good for our guys. Memphis is a very hard team to defend because of the way they play."
Author: Barnes Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"Those guys were not intimidated or overly excited about the environment at all. Nothing overwhelmed them. Really this was the case for them all year."
"The environment is ripe for capital expenditure recovery. The Korean economic recovery is broadening out."
"Open access has destabilized the European railroad environment,"
Author: Watson Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"They're very flexible. They don't solidify. They're stable, non-flammable, non-toxic and they pose no threat to the environment."
Author: West Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"We continue to believe SAP is seeing an improving IT-spending environment and is taking market share from global peers, especially Oracle."
"I think that our forces who are there are still operating under an assumption that it's a hostile environment. And I think that the opposition groups are probably operating in the same way."
"To create that kind of competitive environment within the team is what we are going to have to do compete and be successful. That, and maybe a few more trips to Europe in the summer."
"That was an excellent team, and a tough environment coming in here. We knew it was going to be a tough four quarters. It was."
"To be honest with you, for a freshman to step into that environment against that caliber of a team is phenomenal."
Author: Massey Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"This could have been prevented by following safety procedures for entry into an environment where the employee was working."
"In this environment, there's still going to be dollar strength. The economic data coming out of the U.S. is still very strong, and there'll still be more rate increases."
Author: From Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"In that environment, markets could retest lows, but if we get the policy response then we'll get more of a rally."
"We've gone down there and failed dismally last year in a pretty hostile environment. So with that year's experience you'd like to think we go down there pretty hungry and we can win some football and make it a good, hard match."
"Despite the less than favourable external environment, growth is estimated at 5.0 percent for 2005,"
"I'm trying really hard because Todd is in a new environment with these cars and in this series. It's not like he has a veteran crew chief leading him. I'm trying to give him a little small piece of that. I'm trying to help them move along."
Author: Martin Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"It was supposed to be a very friendly, very self-esteem building environment for women. Compared to VMI, which is not at all friendly, it is basically a series of hazing, and it is all about challenge, all about challenge all the time."
"Fundamentals will continue to be lackluster this year. The ad environment will get more challenging."
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