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"We've got a very low interest rate environment. The Fed told us that last week and we all heaved a sigh. We had very strong corporate earnings for the first quarter. That seems to be continuing. We just have a wonderful environment here for investing."
"I love playing on the road like that, ... I just think it's fun to get in a hostile environment and challenge yourself."
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"I know Hideki wanted to stay and we wanted to keep him, and that created a great environment for us to get it done. Thankfully, we got it done with a few hours to spare."
"The spoken word was the first technology by which man was able to let go of his environment in order to grasp it in a new way."
"The environment has shifted dramatically because parents demand healthier foods."
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"The fiscal environment doesn't get much better. Hopefully, we'll get something in terms of income tax ... I would think there is probably room. That would be the best of all worlds."
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"It's just the way we operate. We are able to take a fun environment into a serious situation."
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"This is yet another example of the government saying something about transport and the environment that the small print renders useless. How can the government trumpet its green credentials with a zero rate of tax when people can't actually buy the cars that would benefit from it?"
"Life consists not simply in what heredity and environment do to us but in what we make out of what they do to us."
"Strategy should evolve out of the mud of the marketplace, not in the antiseptic environment of an ivory tower."
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"Clearly they're the leading broad-line retailer right now. They're going to exit this environment with tremendous market share gain, and hopefully they'll be able to translate sales momentum into robust earnings momentum."
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"What I look at is, the way the town makes revenue in the guise of protecting environment, ... It sounds like a money-making machine for them ... They're thinking green, as in money."
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"They get to go to sleep in a nice controlled, safe quiet environment. That's a lot more than he gave my sister."
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"Anytime the Yankees are around, it seems like it's a more special environment. We've had some big games with the Yankees recently."
"Our main lesson is all about team work. The overall idea is to give kids a fun and safe environment, so they can use their bodies and their minds, instead of watching TV."
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"We want the humanitarian workers and other workers in Iraq -- reconstruction workers and others -- to have a safe environment,"
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"There's a whole new environment."
"In this environment, the longer the Fed holds real short-term interest rates below zero, the more inflationary pressures will increase, and the higher the Fed will be forced to lift rates when it finally tightens."
"Cyber-crooks, motivated by profit, have adapted well to the new environment -- they are now looking to silent infections that allow them to operate without much noise being made in the media. This means potential victims do not have their guard up and are more susceptible to theft of money and all types of information."
"In addition, our sales force is getting smarter about how to sell in this environment. Finally, high (return on investment) projects around e-business can only get delayed so long before management decides they need to press ahead."
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